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TVP Funding

Funding Purpose and Uses

Launched in November 2016, the "Technology Voucher" aims to support local enterprises/institutions to use technological services and solutions to improve productivity or upgrade business processes, thereby enhancing their long-term competitiveness.

The Technology Voucher provides funding for technology services and solutions to help applicants improve productivity or upgrade business processes. Since April 1, 2020, the government has further optimized the technology vouchers, that increasing the funding ratio of each approved project from two-thirds to three-quarters. Moreover, increasing the funding ceiling for each applicant from HKD 400,000 to HKD 600,000.

The maximum number of approved projects has also been increased from four to six. The TVP will provide funding for projects in a three-to-one matching ratio: 3 (government): 1 (enterprise/institution), providing a maximum of HK$600,000 to each eligible applicant. Each eligible applicant can be approved for up to six projects, but the cumulative funding limit is HK$600,000. The implementation period of the application project is up to 12 months

To ensure that applicants can focus on implementing the project, applicants are not allowed to carry out more than one TVP project at the same time. Expenditure under the approved TVP projects shall not receive funding from other local public funding sources.

Eligibility for TVP

Required Documents for TVP Application

  • Copy of Business Registration Certificate (BR) or Companies Registry Annual Return
  • Copies of supporting documents for substantive operation in Hong Kong in the last three months
  • Copy of Hong Kong identity card or passport of the person applying TVP
  • Signed good faith and non-collusive offer/tender confirmation obtained pursuant to paragraph 13 of the Application Guidelines confirmation
  • Copy of three different IT company quotation

TVP Funding Scope

  • Technology vouchers cover a wide range, from physical retail stores, online stores, hotels, travel agencies, wholesalers, accounting companies, clinics, entertainment venues, etc., and many industries can benefit from the plan
  • Buying, renting or ordering components, technical service solutions, software or hardware that are necessary for the project, provided they are "made to order" at the customer's request
  • If necessary components, technical service solutions, software or hardware are to be purchased, rented or ordered within the project, but they are "ready-made", then their cost cannot exceed 50% of the project.
The following are common application items


(Website Design)


(Mobile App Design)


(E-commerce Website)


(E-commerce Platform)


(System Development)


(Reservation System)


(Queue Management System)


(ERP System)


(CRM System)


(POS System)


(Clinic Management System)


(Electronic Inventory Management System)


(Member System)


(Customer Service Robot)

WhatsApp API

(WhatsApp API)


(Ad landing page)

Application process for the TVP





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